The agricultural marketing agency for small scale farmers and food processors in Cameroon.

AGRO-HUB was founded in 2009 after an observation that Cameroon’s agriculture lags because of an abject lack in marketing and distribution infrastructure.
Marketing and Sales cannot happen without the exchange of information, yet it is still difficult to access relevant authoritative content on agriculture in Cameroon.
It is this finding that led the founding members to create an agency with the sole purpose of facilitating rural farmers’ access to market and distribution infrastructure.
AGRO-HUB exists to help farmers gain access to profitable sustainable markets with a vision to become a leader in the marketing and distribution of Cameroon’s staple agricultural products at home and abroad.
AGRO-HUB is therefore on a mission to make Cameroon’s agricultural content more accessible and to create sustainable buyer-supplier relationships one buyer and one farmer at a time.


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