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For People, Planet & Profits

Great ideas are conceived by individuals with passion and determination, desperate to find solutions to society’s most bearing challenges; some by accident, others through intentional effort. That of GHV was born from a combination of both; by the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions by is founder and CEO, Roland Fomundam.


In the fall of 2006, Roland travelled to Cameroon to learn about agricultural innitiatives by Common Initiative Groups (C.I.Gs) in Cameroon. His findings raised many research questions. He observed that a true solution for Cameroon and most of Africa rested on making agriculture sustainable and profitable venture. This would require sustainable technologies delivered through sustainable business models and deployed by the right persons.
In 2012, GreenHouse Ventures licensed the affordable greenhouse technology from the Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE) Program at Pennsylvania State University. In fall 2013, the company set up its first greenhouse in the village of Bome in the North West region of Cameroon. The results from this prototype greenhouse were very positive and consequently, triggered the acquisition and construction of more greenhouses. 


Today, GHV is setting up more greenhouses, selling Greenhouses and by-products to customers, engaging the public and private sector in various ways to drive up adoption of the technology to all stakeholders.
Part of our goal is to enable and give back to our community. In its quest to fulfill the CEO’s mission to make this technology more accessible, the GreenHouse Ventures Foundation was established. Through this foundation, donors are able to make tax-deductible contributions towards the acquisition of the technology for qualified beneficiaries. 


All these are steps GHV is taking to modernize agricultural landscape in Cameroon and beyond, and to lead transition into green agriculture with the main goal of building sustainable communities and empowering populations to become more productive and profitable. We therefore invite our customers and communities to join in this effort to make agriculture a profitable venture in West and Central Africa where we operate. 


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