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iKhokha offers SME's the most competitive Mobile POS (mPOS) solution, allowing anyone with a smartphone to accept and process debit and credit card transactions.
Being the first and only fully fledged South African mPOS system to receive full international payment security accreditation (PCI-PTS and EMV 1 and 2), iKhokha is proud to embody the phrase Local is lekker!

iKhokha’s customised secure Chip & PIN card reader, plugs directly into your iPhone or Android device, effectively turning your phone into a secure card machine that can accept Chip & PIN, as well as magstripe payments. 

iKhokha’s mobile app is free to download and not only allows you to accept debit and credit card transactions on your phone, it also provides real-time sales and business performance analytics (My Business).

iKhokha, which means “to pay” in Zulu, is made up of a team of young and dynamic entrepreneurs who aim to breathe new life into the tech and payment space in South Africa and indeed the world.


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