Quality branded bicycles make a difference in rural Mozambique

Who is Mozambikes?


Mozambikes, Lda started as an idea of the founders during a roadtrip across Mozambique, when we encountered person after person walking along the side of the road with massive containers of water or bundles of firewood on their heads. 

We began to question why these people must walk many kilometers each day, and learned that there is no alternative to travel to and from these small towns given the scarcity of transportation in rural regions. 

The bicycle, which is lower cost and easier to maintain than other forms of personal transportation, is the obvious solution.

However, we found few bicycle providers in the country in general, and those who are operating demand prices too high for the people who can benefit most from ownership. 

The further North we went on our roadtrip, the higher the prices rose, as providers pass all transport costs to the low income consumers. We found the exact same bicycle in Mueda at double the price available in Maputo. 


Thus, we rolled up our sleeves and began to build a bicycle industry in Mozambique. Mozambikes is a Mozambican company that will customize and develop bicycles for the local market. We maintain strong relationships with distribution and retail partners throughout the country to get bicycles to the farthest regions of the country, providing equal benefits to all Mozambicans from the North to the South of the country.

Our business is a for-profit social venture, seeking profits to scale the social mission of the company, which is to alleviate poverty through low-cost, efficient transportation. The business is for-profit to set a precedent for successful business here in Mozambique, though we intend to leverage profits to scale the impact of our footprint.   We also launched an affiliateddonation arm to take advantage of the tremendous amount of philanthropy throughout the world to get bicycles to most disadvantaged people.

Mozambikes believes that the entire bicycle industry must be strengthened to improve the safety and conditions for cyclists in the country.  Therefore, we also engage in initiatives such as:   

  • Safety campaigns
  • Training of technicians
  • Training specific to women's groups, including how to ride bicycles
  • Promotion of cycling
  • Development of a bicycle lane network
  • Introduction of new products such as bicycle ambulances


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