...creating connections

What we do


We’re expanding the mobile-cloud to do more for businesses and people.
In a mobile-first world, our work blends mobile communication with cloud technology to build useful applications.

How We Do

We Build Our Company Around Mission-Driven Values

We're ordinary people from different backgrounds. At our main hub in Kokomlemle, Accra we've assembled a team that combines practical on-the-job expertise and academic knowledge with everyday common sense.

Whatever their role, each person on our team combines an uncompromising desire to serve with a professional mindset.


We Solve Problems For Our Customers 
So They Can Connect With Theirs

We understand that many of our customers have even more customers than we do. 

We work with our engineers, sales team marketers and operations folks to deploy products that optimize information flow, and produce clear operational results.


We Create A Working Environment That Promotes Innovation

The environment our team works in is very important to us. We work hard to ensure the physical environment stays comfortable, clean and well maintained at all times. We strive to ensure our workplace stays positive, open and friendly enough to allow information flow freely, and cause innovation to happen more frequently.


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