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UpEnergy fights poverty, improves health, and protects forests by making clean energy technologies available to more people in the developing world through carbon-financed distribution channels. UpEnergy works with technology manufacturers and local partners to deliver high quality products such as efficient cookstoves, water purification technologies, and solar lights to poorly served households at affordable prices. UpEnergy creates value for investors and delivers life-altering technologies to the developing world.


Chief Executive Officer Full Time
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Application Status: Open

This is a very exciting opportunity for an entrepreneur with some experience in emerging markets to develop and launch new anti-poverty business models from a well financed platform.


UpEnergy seeks an East Africa based CEO to oversee current operations and new partnerships, to drive organizational growth, and to lead the rapid development and testing of new businesses. Our new CEO will have experience managing teams through systems that inspire excellence, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a keen ability to find, assess, and test new opportunities. She or he does not need to have led an organization previously, but will have experience in emerging market economies.

The role will also require strong but thoughtful leadership, expert management of budgeting and finance/accounting operations, and the ability to establish and maintain effective organizational controls.

Roles and Responsibilities: 
• Leadership 
o Continue to set and improve organizational culture. Develop new operations with cultures of excellence, innovation, and nimble experimentation. 
o Oversee performance management, mentorship, leadership development, and the implementation of strong organizational controls. 
o Attract and retain high performing team members. 
• Strategy 
o Drawing on the Board of Directors as a resource, articulate and evolve UpEnergy’s strategy as we seek to exceed the expectations of current customers and provide new products to future customers. 
o Develop new strategic relationships with product manufacturers, governments, NGOs, debt investors, and other retail organizations. 
o Develop, pitch, and test new business plans that contribute organizational goals and lead to new revenue streams. 
o Own all aspects of UpEnergy’s strategic execution. 
• Finance 
o Effectively oversee financial management and accounting across UpEnergy’s corporate entities including annual audits and quarterly financial reports. Manage UpEnergy’s outsourced CFO. 
o Maintain and update a long term financial model in line with current corporate strategy. 
• Operations 
o Successfully manage existing partnerships with product manufacturers, local governments, sovereign carbon buyers, NGOs, debt investors, and other retail organizations. 
o Oversee product development and procurement functions to ensure strong sales, margins and impact. Drive continuous improvement through savvy management and creative experimentation. 
o Manage complex existing supplier relationships 
• Carbon Asset Management 
o Oversee carbon finance operations including the teams of consultants that manage the generation and sales of CERs. 
o Manage relationships and reporting to carbon buyers. 
• Governance 
o Lead quarterly board meetings to establish strategic priorities

Required Skills and Experience: 
• A track record of effective and strategic management of organizational growth in management positions. 
• Proven team building and general management experience in operationally challenging environments. 
• Strong financial management experience, including internal controls and accountability: the ideal candidate will have managed budgets and a P&L. 
• An understanding of customers and business culture in East Africa. 
• Experience in outward facing roles representing organizations to diverse stakeholders such as investors, partners, and clients. 
• Strong interpersonal and networking skills. 
• Creative ambition: An entrepreneurial mindset. 
• High expectations of self and team. 
• Bachelor’s Degree required. Masters degree in management related field preferred. 
• Fluent English required.

The UpEnergy CEO will earn a highly competitive base salary. Strong performance and/or equity incentives will additionally be offered based on the achievement of organizational goals.



Business Model Innovation, Business Development, Business Strategy, A/B Testing, Emerging Markets, Internal Controls, Carbon Finance


$100K – $150K 
1.0% – 5.0%


To Apply: 
Please send a resume and cover letter highlighting your entrepreneurial and management experience to jobs@upenergygroup.com.

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