Wasamundi is a software and internet company that operates an online urban guide that provides information about businesses and places in the categories of restaurants, accommodation (hotels and hostels), entertainment, health, retail, travel, and professional services in cities throughout Cameroon. Visitors to each of Wasamundi's city guide will find contact information, business details, exact l ocation description, photos and user reviews for the businesses and places listed. Users can also contact businesses directly on the platform via sms. Wasamundi also operates a bulk SMS service [wasatexto.com] which allows people to send bulk sms as from 10frs per sms. Business owners can simply sign into their accounts and start sending SMS campaigns to their customer contact lists. Individuals can also use it for their peer to peer communication. Another brainchild is wasahostel.com which is a simplified housing search service that permits house seekers find relevant and real-time information about vacancies in any locality of their choice. The service is Internet based (website and mobile site) and SMS based thus instantly available on any mobile phone.


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